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Managed Security Services for Small and Midsize Businesses

Our Services

Managed Security Services

At DefendWise Consulting, we offer managed security services for small and midsize businesses. With the rise of cyber threats, traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are no longer enough to keep you safe. You need a security expert to truly protect your data, your livelihood, your reputation.

Network and Server Administration

Our proactive network and server management encompasses a wide array of essential tasks aimed at ensuring top-tier performance and security. Our vigilant 24/7 monitoring, powered by cutting-edge tools, allows us to swiftly identify and address potential issues, minimizing downtime and risks. We also take user access seriously, meticulously governing rights and privileges to bolster security and maintain data integrity.

Security / Firewall

With new threats arising it is important that our clients manage security as an ongoing process. Our team stays on top of the security threats to firewalls, VPNs and email. We even help with basic administrative tasks like patching and password management.

Ranging from just a few wiring drops to a full scale server room we can take care of all of your low voltage cabling needs.

Why Choose DefendWise Consulting?

At DefendWise Consulting, we understand the importance of protecting your business from cyber threats. That's why we offer a range of managed security services designed to keep you safe. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you identify and mitigate potential security risks, implement effective compliance and risk management strategies, and respond quickly in the event of a security breach. Choose DefendWise Consulting for reliable, expert cybersecurity services.

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